Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jimmy Cheng - Painter with Light..

Picking Jimmy was one of our easiest choices so far. When Helen and Dave first raved about the first pictures they had seen from Steve and Kathy's wedding, they were really hooked. A few months later, when we got a first look at their engagement photos we were pretty much sold. I was really impressed on how he coupled a variety of compositions with a shallow depth of field that really captured the essence of Helen and Dave.

The picture included above is from Helen and Dave's rehearsal dinner. We were already sold on Jimmy, but we were interested in seeing him shoot indoors even though our wedding is outdoors. The space seemed real miserable for a photographer. It was tight space along with low greenish light that normally makes people look pale in their photos. When he emailed us this photo, we were really floored with what he was able to do.

Lastly, this is a shot from Dave and Helen's wedding. If you scroll through his website(, you'll know that his work is not an aberration. This type of work is impossible to teach and we're very excited to have him being a part of our wedding.

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