Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Music Arrangement.

Barbara and I went to Las Vegas to secure a musical act for our wedding. The Flight of the Conchords bill themselves as New Zealand's fourth most popular novelty band, but they are number one in our hearts.

After wait x amount of time after the show, Jemaine was gracious enough to talk to EVERYBODY who was waiting. After I introduced ourselves, I told Jemaine that we have been telling people that they would be playing at our wedding. He laughed and asked, "So then are you looking for more or less people to come to your wedding then?" Barb joked, "Less!" That is what is behind his stern look in the photo. 

Of course, if you haven't heard their music or watched their how on HBO, here's a clip that I think was written about Barbara:

In all seriousness, we started looking for DJ's a couple of months ago and contacted one that was recommended by the Nature Preserve. When I first called Mick, he was on a trip to San Francisco. Even though he was on vacation, we talked about a number of things, both wedding and non-wedding related.

We met him a couple of weeks later at a Coffee Bean and we were sold with his real pragmatic approach. Music is real important to us and we want it to be a big part of the wedding, but not the whole thing. We're very comfortable the Mick will give us the proper balance. You can check out his website at: 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cake Tasting!

Barb and I went cake tasting on saturday to make the BIG DECISION!!! We went to one of our favorite desserteries(I'm taking credit for the invention of that word), Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose. I took Barbara there first for her 29th birthday and she reciprocated the next night after for my birthday buy getting me a cake from there as well.

We first looked through a handfull of designs, but wanted to stay away from something too frilly. Next we went into our cake tasting. Now, I love desserts, but there was only so much I could handle. First we tried the White Chocolate Lemon, Triple Berry Shortcake and Chocolate Mocha Praline. Each were very distinguishable, but having to pick your favorite was like picking with child you love most(if we had more than one children theoretically).

We then got a taste of the Seven Layer Chocolate and the Raspberry Lemon. Both were very savory, but still hard to make a decision. They offered us more to try, but we had enough sweets for one morning. We knew we had a few winners there, but weren't too sure which one. Barb was on call that day, so we didn't have time to make a final decision, but I suspect it's going to be a combo of two that we mentioned.